Fullday Pan de Azucar National Park

Located 195 kilometers from Copiapo and 30 kilometers from the city of Chañaral, the Pan de Azucar National Park with its 43,754 hectares together representative samples of marine and continental arid ecosystems. The topography is characterized by a coastal plain and then a coastal cliff with a height of 800 meters.



The first inhabitants of the Park were Huentelauquen culture groups from 8.000 BC who lived by hunting and gathering,  about 200 BC the agricultural groups was the  Molle culture with there tipical ceramics, these groups specialize in hunting, fishing and gathering. Followed by other cultures such as the Anima, and Inca-Diaguita Copiapo.

In the 19th century the area had a major shipping port of minerals, which ceased to be used about 1890, today being reoccupied by artisanal fishermen.

Isla Pan de Azucar: In a one hour ride will surround the island to see the colonies of Humboldt penguins, they arrive to these places by the cool currents of the waters of Humboldt, as well as herds of sea lions, otters and birds. Mirador : Within the rich flora sector include cacti, columnar and globular, as the "Copiapó" in a number higher than 20 varieties. In this place there is a "fog traps" installed to capture the fine droplets of fog characteristics of the place called "camanchacas" whose function is to supply water to the CONAF shelter. Due to the presence of these mists or camanchacas is possible to see a greater diversity of vegetation in nearshore areas, and allows the existence of lichen and moss growing on the cactus.

Here it is also possible to observe wildlife desert environment such as the Guanaco, the chilla fox and reptiles, as well as some birds.

Playa Blanca: It is a good beach for swimming. Here are basic facilities for camping and campsites and bathrooms.

In the park there are a variety of birds such as gulls, pelicans, shorebirds plovers, cormorants, reeds, eagles, chercanes, swallows and Turkish.

In CONAF Administration office there is a little museum and geological information  of the park.

Program and Route

  • 8:30 We left the hotel heading to the San Jose mine distant 60 km. site to relive the miracle of 33 miners.
  • 10:00 From the mine we go out to Route 5 at the height of Caldera to tour the coast toward the Parque Pan de Azucar.
  • 13:00 We arrive to the Park for lunch.
  • 14:30 visit the park with their milestones.
  • 16:30 We return by the Pan American highway to go to the city of Caldera and Bahía Inglesa  where we have a cocktail and drinks
  • 19:30 back to Copiapo or stay at Bahia Inglesa at the suggestion of paxs.

Transportation - Food - Safety

  • Transport 4x4 (Max: 4 passengers)
  • Global Positioning System
  • All meals and drinks included in tour
  • Radio VHF, UHF and HF
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Satellite Phone
  • Disco with pictures of the day.
  • gps

Prices: Effective 2019

  • 1 pax: US $550 p/p
  • 2 pax: US $275 p/p
  • 3 pax: US $185 p/p


  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

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