From Mountains to Sea

Tour to the Andes of the Atacama region, with visits to Laguna Santa Rosa, Laguna Verde and Salar de Maricunga and then down to the coast  to the National Parque Pan de Azucar


Program and Route

(Day 1): Copiapo - Laguna Santa Rosa.

We begin our journey that begins at 8 am from  Copiapo to then ascend by vehicle to the Maricunga Portezuelo of 4100 mt. At the site, visitors can observe the Nevado Tres Cruces, considered the second highest summit in Chile (6750 mt.) As well as Laguna Santa Rosa, located at 3700 meters high.

Once on the lagoon we make a short trekkink to see the diverse wildlife, composed of the three varieties of flamingos ,birds,ducks, guanacos and vicuñas. We continue driving to Laguna Verde and the diferent sites that we see around, among them is Volcan Ojos del Salado , the highest active volcanoe on earth surrounded by 16 mountains over 6.000 meters. Later, after enjoying lunch on the shores of Laguna Verde we return to Laguna Santa Rosa to visit  archeological sites that  remains from the Inca period. Finally set up camp next to the lagoon,or stay in confortable refugees or private rooms ( not considered on the price) where we have dinner and sleep.

(Day 2): Santa Rosa Lagoon - Termas de Juncal - Parque Pan de Azucar

After breakfast we continue our tour along the Salar de Maricunga to go to Indian type Hotsprings were we spend a few hours in a place called Juncalito. We have lunch and then we continue towards Salvador wich is a famous mining city that leeds us to the National Park Pan de Azucar where we can do camping . Here we have dinner and sleep. we can also book a cabin or cabaña in the place (not considered on the price)


(Day 3): Pan de Azucar National Park - Copiapo.

Here next to the beach we do a trekking tour to see the different endemic cactus in 2 hours to then return to La Caleta to have lunch. We then get on a boat to see the wildlife in the protected Island.

We return to Copiapo visiting 3 tipes of mines in the dessert. the first is an Indian tipe where we can see natives paintings , then a familiar and finally a big iron mine.

we get to Copiapo doing part of the Dakart rout.

Includes: Transportation - Food - Safety

  • All transfers
  • Transport 4x4 (Max: 4 passengers)
  • Global Positioning System
  • All meals and drinks included in tour
  • Radio VHF, UHF and HF
  • Bilingual guide (English)
  • Tent and camping equipment.
  • Meals.
  • Satellite Phone
  • Disco with pictures of the day.

Prices: Effective 2019

Daily Values

  • 1 pax: US $550 p/p
  • 2 pax: US $275 p/p
  • 3 pax: US $185 p/p


  • Clothes Mountain: grim reaper, polar, hat, gloves, sleeping bag high mountain (-5 ° C), trekking shoes, windbreakers, swimwear, clothing for warm days.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen.

Important Facts:

  • Temperature: Cold -10°C (night).
  • Rating: Medium mountain.
  • Maximum Height: 4400 meters.
  • Personal Routes: Depending on the interests ( birds , Flowers ,Sights etc)